Go Where You Never Thought You'd Dare

Life is short, you may as well get out there and have a blast while you still can. Why just sit at home on the weekend, locked inside a stuffy apartment or house, with nothing but the remote control to keep you company. Is the 59th season of Survivor really all that important…Wouldn’t you rather be out dancing, laughing, and perhaps doing things that even the internet might not allow us to mention. This is Dare Theory, a no holds barred relay race to the finish. Friends, fun and a wild and memorable time--that’s guaranteed.

Jump and You Will Land!

Sometimes we all just need a little push to get out of our own way and experience life to the fullest. Even those of us who may think of ourselves as shy or reserved can always use a little nudge toward spontaneity and craziness once in a while. Get out there, have some fun, introduce yourself, participate in a group activity, whatever it is, simply do it. And no this isn’t a Nike commercial. Rather, this is the jumping off point; this is where you start on a wonderful and wild adventure.  You look down below and see a world of friends, parties, laughter, good times. You want more than anything to join in, you hesitate, we all do at one time or another…relax, just close your eyes, take a deep breath in and jump.  

Have you ever heard the well-quoted aphorism: Jump and the net will appear…It’s time for you to take the plunge. Let your hands and arms spread wide and feel the delicious wind whip against your face as you fly through the air. This is the best feeling you will ever have. And trust me, there is a net waiting below.

So do you dare…

So where do you go from here…The answer is Dare Theory. Dance, race, crowd surf, you name it, nothing is off limits. Take the city by storm as you and your teammates embark upon what just may be the craziest and most laugh-out-loud relay race you’ve ever experienced. Not for the faint of heart, Dare Theory will push you to your social limits. Could you actually approach a total stranger and ask them to dance—you will certainly find out.  Would you act like a complete lunatic as you make your way down a busy street…Test the limits of who you are and who you can be. Life never felt so free. And at the end of it all relax, eat, drink and just have a damn good time. 

Jon MillhausenComment